​​​​​​​At Orion, we take immense pride in cultivating our talent and addressing business needs in smart and creative ways. LiftOff, Orion’s employee Mobility Program, offers our talent the opportunity to live in a new place and learn a new market.

Moving to Malaysia has been extraordinary! The transition has been much easier than I anticipated, both professionally and personally. I’m learning so much and really enjoy the people I work with. And, Kuala Lumpur is a great city!

This is an entirely new market with new processes and systems, people, clients, personalities and dynamics; the similar denominator is providing client and media partner value through Orion. Figuring out all of these details, although a bit challenging at first, will help inform how I can provide client and media partner value through Orion in Malaysia, moving forward.


The old cliché, but I really do love to visit new countries and meet new people and push myself out of my comfort zone. Professionally I saw this as a challenge and the chance to work in a much smaller team has exposed me to all aspects of Orion since my arrival via LiftOff. In the UK, my primary focus was business development, in my first months here I have had to step up and learn quickly. I have leant on a range of other experiences from previous jobs, as well as former and new colleagues. The overall exposure I have received being in a smaller team will allow me to learn about the whole Mediabrands business, ensure we are always considered in wider business objectives and to make more confident decisions.


My husband and I have always dreamed of relocating to Boston. However, we both really loved our jobs in NYC. Throughout my nine years at Orion, I’ve always mentioned to Brian that if he ever wanted an Orion presence in Boston. I would go in a heartbeat. He teased me twice with opportunities to work elsewhere — in London both times, which I declined due to keeping my family first. When LiftOff to Boston was introduced last fall, I realized the opportunity to live in Boston and work for Orion was here! Thankfully, my husband was able to relocate as well, so the stars in Orion’s Belt aligned for us beautifully.